Titan Dashboard
Train, Evalute, Repeat
The Titan online dashboard is your tool to evaluate players based on 16 training metrics. Interactive and dynamic charts allow coaches to sort and compare players or groups of players to better asses training outcomes. Powerful algorithms break down raw GPS data recorded by the TITAN sensor so analyzing training stats is quick and easy to use.
Rank individual players by session training stats or create custom groupings to evaluate players by position, depth chart, etc.
Player Compare
Select an individual player or custom group to make head-to-head comparisons between players, custom groups, or teams. Use the compare feature across all charts for full, in-depth analysis.
Speed Zones
Measure and rank the amount of time each athlete spends in each speed zone. Recreate game day intensities in practice with in-depth understanding of speed break down.
Radar Chart
Instantly understand team, group, and individual performance over multiple metrics at once.
Zone Analysis
Get in-depth breakdown by frequency of each session stat by individual players or custom groupings.
Heat Map
View positional tendencies and field use of individual players or custom groupings for tactical analysis.
Load Balancing
Dynamic modeling of fatigue and conditioning based on GPS data help coaches avoid conditioning plateaus and overreaching to maximize performance potential.