Exclusively available with TITAN, Session Explorer sets the bar for data visualization. Select, pan, and zoom through data and watch charts and video dynamically update for ultimate control with the click of a button. Exploring and understanding session data has never been faster or easier.
Complete Tactical Assesment
Understand formations, routes, and positions. Communicate coachable moments effectively to athletes. Have complete accountability of every athlete’s location and speed, even when off camera. Session explorer’s built in annotation and sports coding help you isolate and understand every play and every moment.
Detailed Annotation
Directly annotate speed, acceleration, sprints, g-forces, or step-rates. Annotate athlete routes by position, speed, or acceleration. Multiple heatmap configurations available. Fully customizable map overlays including: routes, heatmaps, sprint trails, and speedzones. Heat map by position, speed zones, or heat map sprint streaks. Session Explorer’s integrated pencil tool enables you to draw directly on the video and gps views to highlight areas in the classroom setting.
GPS Stats
Understanding player production has never been more comprehensive and intuitive. From distance covered, top speeds, to accelerations, view over 150 metrics fully synchronized with the Bird’s eye view and video. Interactively select the entire session, game halves, or specific exercises. Filter and color code by coach defined groups to make apples-to-apples comparisons.
Integrated Sports Coding
Define how you want to break down practice and gameday data. Break down sessions, understand and export data for individual exercises. Titan includes sports tagging technology to help you break down and understand your sessions in detail. Any tagged data is exportable allowing you to use 3rd party software to build your own in-house analysis.
Integrated HD Video
Contextualize GPS data with integrated HD video. Play, fast-forward, and pause video and GPS tactical view and stats together. Know where the ball and opponents are located, show athletes how specific situations are affecting their performance, and make the most of film studies by viewing it side-by-side with GPS data.
Automated GPS & Video Synchronization
Exclusively available on the TITAN Athlete App, the QR Sync feature allows any camera to be synchronized with GPS time for automated GPS/Video synchronization. Just film the animated QR code and your camera will automatically be synced with GPS time.
Film Review
Take tactical communication to the next level with TITAN FILM REVIEW. Create clips from video and add comments to share with individual or groups of players. With the FILM REVIEW feature on the TITAN Athlete App players can review and provide feedback to video clips. No limit on the number of videos or clips you can share.
Professional-grade sports GPS sensors featuring the industry’s most advanced GPS chipset for the best accuracy and enhanced performance.
Complete stack strength and conditioning software, featuring intuitive program planning and graphical reporting tools to maximize coaching capacity.
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